Choose an approach to implement Conversation in your iOS app.

Conversation enables you to create a fluent conversation experience that fuels quality interactions with community and content and allows users to create valuable and engaging content:

  • Convert casual visitors into loyal, registered readers
  • Significantly increase the user time-on-site
  • Provide lightweight, fully customizable features
  • Increase pageviews and SEO rankings
  • Enable automatic content moderation
  • Encourage user engagement with your content and other users

OpenWeb provides several approaches to add a Conversation to your app. Each implementation approach is listed in the following table.

Approach Description
Pre-Conversation ViewController Enables implementing a Pre-Conversation ViewController that shows a preview of comments from the Conversation

Users can then tap a button to see more comments or tap the textbox to enter a comment.
Full Conversation Enables implementing the full Conversation

Users will see all comments and be able to enter a comment.
Comment Creation Screen Enables opening a comment creation screen directly

Users will see the comment creation screen directly above the full Conversation screen.