Choose an approach to implement Conversation in your iOS app.

Conversation enables you to create a fluent conversation experience that fuels quality interactions with community and content and allows users to create valuable and engaging content:

  • Convert casual visitors into loyal, registered readers
  • Significantly increase the user time-on-site
  • Provide lightweight, fully customizable features
  • Increase pageviews and SEO rankings
  • Enable automatic content moderation
  • Encourage user engagement with your content and other users
Full Conversation

Full Conversation

Get started

  1. Define an article.
  2. Configure a flows or views implementation.
  3. Customize the UI.
  4. Configure user authentication.
  5. Add helpers to help streamline your development process and grants you extensive control over non-UI-related features:
  6. Configure analytics to get information about certain actions at the SDK side.