The OWArticleProtocol defines an article.

public protocol OWArticleProtocol {
    var articleInformationStrategy: OWArticleInformationStrategy { get }
    var additionalSettings: OWArticleSettingsProtocol { get }
public protocol OWArticleSettingsProtocol {
    var section: String { get }
    var headerStyle: OWArticleHeaderStyle { get }
    var readOnlyMode: OWReadOnlyMode { get }

An article can be a piece of content that informs about events or offers opinions on a subject. To allow a reader to engage with the content and other readers through a Conversation, you must define the associated article.

Article Creation

Use the following recipe to define an article for the iOS SDK.

Enumerations and Structs


    articleInformationStrategy: OWArticleInformationStrategy,
    additionalSettings: OWArticleSettingsProtocol
Property Description
additionalSettings OWArticleSettingsProtocol Defines article features

See: OWArticleSettings
articleInformationStrategy OWArticleInformationStrategy Defines article metadata

See: OWArticleInformationStrategy


    url: URL("https://URL_TO_THE_ARTICLE_PAGE")!,
    title: "ARTICLE_TITLE",
    subtitle: "ARTICLE_SUBTITLE",
    thumbnailUrl: URL("https://URL_TO_THE_ARTICLE_THUMBNAIL_IMAGE")!
Property Description
subtitle string Secondary heading of the article
thumbnailUrl URL URL location of the thumbnail image
title string Name of the article
url URL URL location of the article page


Property Description
OWArticleInformationStrategy OWArticleInformationStrategy Defines article features

Possible Values:


Setting Description
OWArticleHeaderStyle OWArticleHeaderStyle Defines the article header style

Possible Values:
  • .regular (default)
  • .none
OWReadOnlyMode OWReadOnlyMode Defines if the article is read-only

Possible Values:
  • .server (default)
  • .disable
  • .enable