Getting started

Learn how to add the OpenWeb SDK to your Android app.

The Android SDK enables you to create a fluent conversation experience in your Android that fuels quality interactions with community and content and allows users to create valuable and engaging content:

  • Convert casual visitors into loyal, registered readers
  • Significantly increase the user time in-app
  • Provide lightweight customizable features
  • Enable automatic content moderation
  • Encourage user engagement with your content and other users

Additionally, the Android SDK supports real-time moderation and single sign on.


Mobile screenshots

Technical Information

Key Features

  • SSO support
  • Customizable conversation appearance
  • Ability to continue conversations started on your web pages
  • Admin Dashboard moderation settings respected


  • Android 6.0 (API level 23) or later
  • OpenWeb account
  • Android Studio

Intended audience

This guide assumes that you have the necessary Android and Kotlin or Java development skills to work successfully with this SDK. You should know how to build and compile Android applications using Android Studio and the latest tools from the Android Developers Kit.


Use the following steps to set up OpenWeb in your Android app:

  1. Add the OpenWeb SDK to your iOS app.
  2. Add a Conversation.
  3. (Optional) Customize the Conversation.
  4. (Optional) Implement SSO.
  5. Monetize the Conversation.
  6. Track analytics events.