Popular in the Community

By recommending the most trending, engaging articles from around your site, Popular in the Community helps to promote and monetize your most popular content:

  • Promoting your content by showcasing user-generated content
  • Featuring a monetization component that generates shared revenue

Popular in the Community


Popular in the Community requires the following items:

  • Popular in the Community must be enabled by your OpenWeb PSM.
  • Minimum of 3 article pages with comments that contain ≥3 words and >10 characters
  • Defined page-level metadata for the title, image URL, and URL listed in the following table
Source Values
LD-JSON Article Schema Attributes:
  • image
  • name
  • url
Open Graph Properties:
  • og:image
  • og:title
  • og:url

Implementation Options

OpenWeb provides you several approaches to add Popular in the Community to your site. Each is listed in the following table.

StandardEnables adding Popular in the Community to your existing Conversation implementation
Custom LocationEnables choosing a location for the Popular in the Community feature
AMPEnables adding Popular in the Community to an AMP page


After your OpenWeb PSM has enabled Popular in the Community for your account, Popular in the Community appears horizontally above each Conversation.

Custom Location

When using this implementation method, you can choose the location in which Popular in the Community appears on a page.

To customize the location of Popular in the Community, use the following steps:

  1. Add the Popular in the Community positioning <div> in the desired page location.

    The following table lists the different approaches for aligning Popular in the Community with the layout of your page.
Horizontal<div data-spotim-module="pitc"></div>
Vertical<div data-spotim-module="pitc" data-vertical-view="true"></div>
Double-deckerContact your OpenWeb PSM for more information about this orientation.

  1. (Optional) Define the data-categories attribute to filter the categories of user-generated content to recommend.


    You can add multiple categories by separating each category with a comma.

    Be sure the categories you define in the data-categories attribute match the values included in the data-article-tags Launcher code attribute.

<div data-spotim-module="pitc" data-categories="ARTICLE_TOPIC1,ARTICLE_TOPIC2">

  1. When embedding Popular in the Community on a page without other OpenWeb products, add the launcher code.


Contact your PSM for personalized AMP implementation instructions.

Popular in the Community Launcher Code Attributes

The following launcher code attribute applies only Popular in the Community implementations. You can also add one of the general launcher code attributes.

Attribute Description
data-recommendable-post string Allows excluding a specific Conversation from being recommended for recirculation

Default: true