Monetize the Conversation

The OpenWeb Android SDK supports two ad formats:

  • Banner (320X50, 320x100, 300x250)
  • Interstitial (full page)

The interstitial ad appears once per article when the user navigates to a Conversation. The banner ad appears on the article page above the Conversation.



In order to see ads in your app using our SDK, there are a few steps:

  1. When filled the GAM (Google Ad Manager) form should indicate apps. Once the form is approved (check with your PSM) ads will be eligible to appear.
  2. The app-ads.txt needs to be implemented in the web environment:
  3. Our monetization team will create a campaign for native app ads.

Lets make some money!

Disable ads

By default, OpenWeb helps you to monetize your content and engagement experiences by showing ads to your users.

If you would like to provide an ad-free experience for your subscribed users, use the following steps:

  1. Contact Support to request that ads be disabled for your subscribers.
  2. Define user_metadata.is_subscriber during the backend SSO handshake or when updating a user's details.

When you pass Base64-encoded "user_metadata.is_subscriber": true during the login process, you indicate that the user is a subscriber. During the user's session, no ads will be shown.


If a user's subscriber status changes, your must log out the user and complete a new SSO flow. This ensures that a user's previous cached client state for user_metadata.is_subscriber is not used.