Export Comments

Export your Conversation comments by article ID or date range

Exporting comments

OpenWeb enables you to export Conversation comments. You can export comments based on a date range.

Export comments by date range

Allows the export of comments based upon a specified date range

To successfully export comments using this API call, you must make a POST call followed by a GET call.

Use the following steps to export comments with this route:

  1. Make a POST https://open-api.spot.im/v1/comments/export . In the body of the request, include your OpenWeb Spot ID, export token, and date range.
POST /v1/comments/export HTTP/1.1
Host: open-api.spot.im
Content-Type: application/json

    "spot_id": "sp_UcvuOt10",
    "token": "03200408ojyT1W",
    "since": "2018-12-01T00:00:0",
since* stringStart date of the export date range in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:S ISO 8601 format, for example: 2018-12-01T00:00:0
spot_id* stringUnique OpenWeb identifier for your property

1. Log into your Admin Dashboard.
2. Copy your Spot ID from the URL: https://admin.spot.im/spot/{SPOT_ID}/...
token* stringUnique OpenWeb export token

1. From your OpenWeb Admin Dashboard, click Settings.
2. In the Authentication Tokens, copy the export token.
to stringEnd date of the export date range in YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:S ISO 8601 format, for example: 2018-12-02T00:00:0

The POST call returns an export_id.

    "export_id": "5f04a976-049e-41e4-aeea-03df2ddc9a48"

  1. Make a GET https://open-api.spot.im/v1/comments/{EXPORT_ID}/status?token={EXPORT_TOKEN}&spot_id={SPOT_ID}. Be sure to replace the following placeholders:

       • {EXPORT_ID}: Replace with the export_id returned in the POST API response.
       • {EXPORT_TOKEN}: Replace with your OpenWeb export token.
       • {SPOT_ID}: Replace with your Spot ID.

    The API call returns one of the following responses.
    "status": "Processing"
    "status": "Done",
    "export_urls": [<SECURED-URLS>],
    "count": 5
count numberTotal number of records within the zipped .csv file export
export_urls stringSecured URL to the export download
status stringStatus of the export

  1. Copy and paste the export_urls into a web browser to download the .csv.zip file.


The export_urls link will only be available for one week.