Author Badges

Give your user a visual indicator of the article author in Conversation comment

Authors work diligently to write compelling articles. Due to his or her research on an article topic, an author has the insight to provide insightful responses to users' Conversation comments. When an author responds to a comment, the Author Badge gives your users a visual indicator that response came from the article author.


Author Badge next to the author's name


  • The Author Badge depends upon making backend-to-backend server calls.
  • The Author Badge cannot be enabled or disabled through the Admin Panel.



Use the following steps to enable an author badge:

  1. Make a GET /sso/v1/user/primary_key call to retrieve the OpenWeb userId for the author of the article.

  1. In the launcher script (standard or action-initiated implementation) or the Conversation <div> container (custom location implementation), define the data-author-id attribute with the userId retrieved from the previous step.

    When copying the following code examples, replace all the placeholders: SPOT_ID, ARTICLE_URL, ARTICLE_TOPIC1, POST_ID.
    data-author-id="AUTHOR_ID" //as received from OpenWeb's get-user endpoint 
    data-article-tags="ARTICLE_TOPIC1, ARTICLE_TOPIC2"    
<div data-spotim-module="conversation" data-author-id="AUTHOR_ID" data-post-url="ARTICLE_URL" data-article-tags="ARTICLE_TOPIC1, ARTICLE_TOPIC2" data-post-id="POST_ID"></div>