View Actions Callback

SPViewActionsCallbacks supports exposing user interactions with OpenWeb's internal views. SPViewActionsCallbacks is a typealias of the following:

(SPViewActionCallbackType, SPViewSourceType, String) -> Void
Argument NameValue
SPViewActionCallbackTypeType of view action

See: SPViewActionCallbackType
SPViewSourceTypeSource view where the action takes place

See: SPViewSourceType
StringCurrent post ID of the Pre-Conversation or Conversation

This method returns nothing. When an action occurs, the SDK calls the SPViewActionsCallback method with the relevant parameters.

Set SPViewActionsCallbacks on a view

When using the SpotIMCoordinator to get the Pre-Conversation or to open the full Conversation, you can set the callbacks: SPViewActionsCallbacks parameter as shown in the following example.

// In your UIViewController / Source file
let callbacks: SPViewActionsCallbacks = { type, source, postId in
    switch type {
    case .articleHeaderPressed:
            // handle articleHeaderPressed action 
        print("header tapped for postId: " + postId)


    withPostId: "POST ID",
    articleMetadata: articleMetadata,
    numberOfPreLoadedMessages: 2, // This is optional, Default = 2, Maximum = 15
    navigationController: navigationController,
    callbacks: callbacks,
    completion: { [weak self] preConversationVC in
    // add preConversationVC to your view controller



SPViewActionCallbackType is the type of view action. The following table lists the possible enums.

SPViewActionCallbackType Possible SPViewSourceType Description
.articleHeaderPressed .conversation,
Click on article header view.
.openUserProfile(userId: String, navigationController: UINavigationController) .preConversation,
Click on profile (only when configured to receive a callback instead of opening the profile page).


SPViewSourceType is the source view where the action takes place. The following table lists the possible enums.

SPViewSourceType Description
.conversation Conversation View
.createComment Create Comment View
.login Login View
.preConversation Pre-Conversation View