UI Customization

Customize Conversation UI components in your iOS app

The SpotImCustomUIDelegate allows you to customize UI components, such as the login prompt, Conversation footer, and navigation title.

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SpotImCustomUIDelegate Reference

1Login promptloginPrompt(textView: UITextView)
3Say control in the Conversation (shown) or Pre-Conversation (not shown)sayControl(labelContainer: BaseView, label: BaseLabel)
4Community questioncommunityQuestion(textView: UITextView)
5Footerfooter(view: UIView)
6Navigation titlenavigationItemTitle(label: UILabel)

NOTE: set SpotIm.enableCustomNavigationItemTitle = true
7Community guidelinescommunityGuidelines(textView: UITextView)
8Create Comment action buttoncommentCreationActionButton(button: BaseButton)
9Read-only labelreadOnlyLabel(label: UILabel)
10Empty state read-only labelemptyStateReadOnlyLabel(label: UILabel)
11Headerheader(titleLabel: UILabel, counterLabel: UILabel)

Customize UI components

Use the following steps to customize UI components:

  1. Implement the SpotImCustomUIDelegate protocol.
extension ArticleViewController: SpotImCustomUIDelegate {
  func customizeView(view: CustomizableView, isDarkMode: Bool, source: SPViewSourceType?, postId: String) {
      switch view {
      case .loginPrompt(let textView):
          // set your own customization
      // set more customizations to another CustomizableView

  1. In SpotIm.createSpotImFlowCoordinator, set the SpotImCustomUIDelegate to the coordinator.
SpotIm.createSpotImFlowCoordinator(loginDelegate: self) { result in
  switch result {
  case .success(let coordinator):
      self.spotIMCoordinator = coordinator
      coordinator.setCustomUIDelegate(delegate: self) // set the delegate