Provide custom fonts

Change OpenWeb default fonts in your iOS app.

You can replace the OpenWeb iOS SDK's default fonts with your own custom fonts. Using your own custom app fonts creates a seamless UI and branding experience for your users.

Add custom fonts

Use the following steps to add custom fonts to your app:

  1. Add the custom fonts .ttf file to your app project for Bold, Medium, Regular, Italic and Light styles.
  2. In the application-info.plist file, add the Fonts provided by application key in a new row.
  3. Add each .ttf file as a new item in the Fonts provided by application array.
  1. Run print(UIFont.familyNames) in appDelegate to discover the corresponding required family name of the font, for example Roboto.
  2. From the appDelegate immediately after SpotIM.initialize(), set the SpotIm.customFontFamily property with the font family name.
SpotIm.initialize(spotId: "SPOT_ID")
//optional - set your custom font family name for example "Roboto"
SpotIm.customFontFamily = "Roboto"