Getting started

Learn how to add the OpenWeb SDK (beta) to your iOS app.


The OpenWeb iOS SDK is in its beta phase. If you would like to implement this beta product in your app, please contact your OpenWeb PSM.

The OpenWeb iOS SDK empowers you to create an in-app user experience that fuels quality interactions with community and content, enabling users to make engaging and valuable contributions.

Specifically, the iOS SDK offers the following benefits:

  • Simple, straightforward API with the flexibility to use UIViews over just UIViewControllers
  • Comprehensive error states, report reasons, and a clarity mode for reliable app development
  • Robust, stable SDK foundation, supported by performance enhancements like background threading
  • New design preset options to seamlessly integrate the user experience with your brand's aesthetic
  • Stunning shimmering skeletons while loading data


  • iOS 11.0 or later
  • OpenWeb account
  • Xcode

Add the iOS SDK

To add the iOS SDK to your app, please contact your PSM.

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