UI Customization

Customize Conversation UI components in your Android app

The CustomUIDelegate allows you to customize UI components, such as the login prompt, Conversation footer, and navigation title.


CustomizableViewType Reference

1Login prompt TextViewLOGIN_PROMPT_TEXT_VIEW
2Say control TextView in Pre-conversationSAY_CONTROL_IN_PRE_CONVERSATION_TEXT_VIEW
3Say control TextView in conversationSAY_CONTROL_IN_CONVERSATION_TEXT_VIEW
4Community question TextViewCOMMUNITY_QUESTION_TEXT_VIEW
5Conversation footer ViewCONVERSATION_FOOTER_VIEW
6Navigation title TextViewNAVIGATION_TITLE_TEXT_VIEW
7Community guidelines TextViewCOMMUNITY_GUIDELINES_TEXT_VIEW
8Create Comment action buttonCOMMENT_CREATION_ACTION_BUTTON
9Read only labelREAD_ONLY_TEXT_VIEW
10Empty state read only labelEMPTY_STATE_READ_ONLY_TEXT_VIEW
11Pre Conversation header title TextViewPRE_CONVERSATION_HEADER_TEXT_VIEW
12Pre Conversation header comments counter TextViewPRE_CONVERSATION_HEADER_COUNTER_TEXT_VIEW
13Show more comments buttonSHOW_COMMENTS_BUTTON

Customize UI components

Use the following steps to configure UI components:

  1. Set a CustomUIDelegate.
SpotIm.setCustomUIDelegate(object: CustomUIDelegate {
    override fun customizeView(viewType: CustomizableViewType, view: View, isDarkModeEnabled: Boolean) {
        when (viewType) {
            CustomizableViewType.LOGIN_PROMPT_TEXT_VIEW -> {
                val textView = view as? TextView
                // set your own customization
      // set more customizations to another CustomizableViewType

  1. Define and customize the CustomizableViewType.