Add a Pre-Conversation fragment

Initialize the OpenWeb SDK and configure the Conversation in your Android app.

This approach allows you to implement a Pre-Conversation fragment. When implemented, a user sees the following displayed below the article in the article's Activity or Fragment:

  • Preview of comments from the Conversation in a Pre-Conversation fragment
  • Textbox to enter comments
  • Button to show all comments

If a user clicks on the text box, the comment creation screen appears that enables the user to type a comment. If a user clicks the button to see more comments, the SDK opens the Activity which displays all comments from the Conversation.


    OpenWeb Android SDK


Use the following steps to initialize the SDK and configure the Conversation:

  1. In onCreate() of an article activity, add the Pre-Conversation fragment to the Activity.
SpotIm.getPreConversationFragment(CONVERSATION_ID, object :
    SpotCallback<Fragment> {
        override fun onSuccess(fragment: Fragment) {
            //do Something ...

        override fun onFailure(exception: SpotException) {
            //do Something ...
  1. (Optional) Customize the Pre-Conversation fragment and Conversation.