Release Notes

OpenWeb strives to provide developers the resources to confidently integrate our products. The following release notes detail notable updates made to our iOS SDK. If you have questions about a recent update, please contact your PSM for more information.

Release Notes

Version Release Date Notes
1.16.0 08-10-2022 Added
• Support Xcode 14
• An option to receive a callback when the user press on a user profile / avatar instead of opening the existing profile screen
• Showing the year in a date of a comment if it was not posted in the current year

• Improve the UI of the navigation controller header in presented mode
• A rare crash caused by NSLog
• A possible crash when changing the user session
• Changing username to a random one when a user is deleted (GDPR compliant)

• Improve the infrastructure for network endpoints
• More infrastructure for conversation refactor
1.15.0 07-21-2022 Added
• UI to see pending messages which require approval (visible only to the user who wrote those)
• Analytic event after a new comment created successfully (createMessageSuccessfully)
• Infrastructure for various additional configurations

• Infrastructure for UI cells animation using RX

1.14.4 06-22-2022 Added
• Support hiding the share button according to remote configuration
• Support line break in comment text
• Support Swift Package Manager

• Fixed a crash which happened in rare cases in replies UI

• Removed old schemes from the project

1.14.3 06-09-2022 Fixed
• Fixed a crash which happened in rare cases for comments label

• Using Keychain to securely save tokens and general sensitive data

• Update dependencies versions (RxSwift, RxCocoa, Alamofire, PromiseKit)

1.14.2 06-06-2022 Fixed
• Recovering from 403 auth error and renewing SSO if needed
• Keep the conversation screen with the same sort option after posting a new comment

• Improving the way we dismiss the comment creation screen
1.14.1 05-26-2022 Fixed
• Fixed number of comments after deleting reply
• Fixed crash when posting a comment from pre-conversation
1.14.0 05-24-2022 Added
• Added French support 🇫🇷

• Fixed SSO authentication flow
• Renew SSO when returning to foreground if needed - token can potentially expire when the application is in background for some days - this fixed that

• Few changes in SSO related methods API, read our documentation for the full details
• Added renewSSOAuthentication function inside SpotImLoginDelegate
• Function Renaming inside SpotImLoginDelegate to startLoginUIFlow
• Returning the userId in completeSSO function inside SpotImLoginDelegate
• Deprecated functions removed
1.13.0 05-18-2022 Added
• Completely new logger system to assist in debug issues. We are really excited about that and recommend to read the document to understand the possibilities
• Add PostId to SpotImCustomUIDelegate callback

• Disable the scrolling of the title inside the navigation bar
• Fixed a flickering in the UI of likes inside comments when the user refresh the screen

• New infra for the network
1.12.0 04-25-2022 Added
• API to set the initial sorting option when a conversation open up
• API to set a callback when the end user is pressing on the conversation header
• Added application bundle id to webhook callback

• Decoding special characters back in comment counters API
• Colors of comment actions (up vote and etc.) when switching between light mode to dark mode and vice versa

• Refactor conversation header to proper MVVM with Rx
1.11.0 03-31-2022 Added
• Like & Dislike customization
• Support disabling user avatar online indication

• Refactor image cache mechanism
1.10.1 03-20-2022 Fixed
• New API for open the comment creation screen changed a little bit to support present mode with a root view controller
1.10.0 03-15-2022 Added
• Ability to open the comment creation screen from publisher app
• Subscriber badge
• Blits mode
• Custom read-only message

• Author profile is truncated when change to landscape mode
• In Landscape, click "View reply", message and line will overlapped
1.9.3 03-06-2022 Fixed
• Framework integration with cocoapods
1.9.2 03-03-2022 Added
• Buttons customization

• Edit message should not be saved on cache
• Reply screen UI is not aligned well
• Real time counter does not start in conversation screen

• Infra - Building UI with chaining
• Infra - SnapKit like capabilities to work with UI
• Infra - Register UITableViewCell easily
1.9.1 02-03-2022 Fixed
• Rename classes, protocols and enums to start with a prefix so we won't have conflicts with other libraries
1.9.0 01-13-2022 Added
• Create comment with image
• Edit comment
1.8.0 01-05-2022 Added
• Real time viewing counter
• New guest nickname design
• Support M1 Apple chips
1.7.0 12-14-2021 Added
• Staff badges
• Update Alamofire dependency to version 5.4

• Comment label buttons are not clickable
• Conversation counters replies and comments access level

• Refactor create comment/reply vc and model
1.6.9 11-25-2021 Fixed
• Crash when trying to open a mailto link
• Tableview invalid update crash
• Constraints warnings

• Empty comments title (renaming)
1.6.8 11-01-2021 Added
• Present full conversation completion handler
• Push full conversation completion handler

• Duplicated comment labels
• Remove expired user token from authorization header when fetching user/data
1.6.7 10-28-2021 Fixed
• Upvote/Downvote remains highlight even if user cancels SSO
• Flag for RN issue with reply to comment
1.6.6 10-25-2021 Fixed
• Fix crash when fail to encode comment html text

• Error handling improvements
1.6.5 10-14-2021 Added
• Add flag for RN - show login screen on root VC

• Fix reloading conversation TableView when view did layout subviews

• Refactor create comment screen footer view
1.6.4 10-04-2021 Added
• Handle window size changes to support iPad split view

• New comment creation screen title should not be editable
1.6.3 09-30-2021 Changed
• Build SDK in Xcode 13
• Flag for enable customization of navigation title

• Empty conversation image size
1.6.2 09-29-2021 Changed
• Update GoogleAdsProvider files
• Make SPEventInfo Codable
1.6.1 09-23-2021 Added
• Support for Swift Package Manager

• Commenting on empty conversation in read only should be disable
1.6.0 09-14-2021 Added
• Support GoogleAdsSDK V8 (breaking changes)
• Button only in pre-conversation
• Full conversation ad banner
• Read only conversation
1.5.9 08-19-2021 Fixed
• Replies cannot be viewed after refreshing the page
• Analytics events fixes
• Big ads are cut in pre-conversation
1.2.0 07-23-2021 Added
• New method coordinator.showFullConversationViewController() to open full conversation directly (instead of doing it from pre-conversation)
• Support setting of custom fonts on the widget by the publisher via SpotIm.customFontFamiliy = "<font_family>"

• Memory leak (see
1.1.0 07-02-2021 Removed
• Removed dependency of Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK from SpotImCore. From now on publishers will pass an "AdsProvider" to the SDK and the only dependency on Google-Mobile-Ads-SDK will be in the app target.
1.0.16 20-01-2021 Fixed
• Error message translation - comment creation

• Fix xCode preferences
1.0.15 12-02-2020 Fixed
• Crash when scrolling conversation fast
• Crash on pull to refresh conversation

• Call to ab_test endpoint to avoid overloading the server for no reason, for now there are no active tests on iOS
1.0.14 11-19-2020 Fixed
• Removed restricted dependency on Google-Ads-Sdk 7.67 so partners can update to later versions
1.0.13 11-15-2020 Fixed
• Compatibility issue with Swift 5.3.1
1.0.12 11-08-2020 Added
• Translations for Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese
x-openweb-token header logic to all requests to support UM 2.0

• Large gap above pre-conversation when there's no banner ad
• Core SDK compile script (generated no-ads frameworks)

• Retry mechanism implementation (should prevent crashes)
1.0.11 10-21-2020 Fixed
• 0 comments counter on Fox mobile app (Realtime not working due to post-id encoding)
• Realtime fetch memory leak
• Realtime not working on Fox mobile app
• Rank up/down counter disappear when user try to take action and the counter is larger than 1k
• Compatibility issue with Swift 5.3

• Saving user data until it expired to reduce server load
1.0.10 09-27-2020 Added
• dsym files to package to see stack trace when the SDK has a crash
1.0.9 09-23-2020 Fixed
• Text written on the web with special chars showing html tags instead of chars on mobile
1.0.8 08-24-2020 Changed
• Only call ab_test/ads/user if SDK is enabled in the main config
• Call user/data endpoint only when needed
1.0.7 08-20-2020 Changed
• Google ads SDK to v7.64 for iOS 14 support
1.0.6 08-14-2020 Changed
• Moved overrideUserInterfaceStyle from SPClientSettings to SpotIm for cleaner API

• Crash when sharing a comment on iPad
1.0.5 08-09-2020 Changed
• Reduced network timeout interval from 60 seconds to 10 seconds #123
1.0.3 06-29-2020 Added
• Updated Alamofire dependency to 5.0 #121
engine-monetization-view event #120
1.0.2 05-19-2020 Added
• New target type SpotImNoAds to support non-monetized partners (Fox)
SSOStartResponse & SpotImConversationCounters now conforms to Codable protocol
• Article metadata is now taken from what sent into the SpotImSDKFlowCoordinator.preConversationController API
• New brand OpenWeb is now under a feature flag and ready to be launched
1.0.1 05-04-2020 Fixed
getUserLoginStatus API
1.0.0 03-24-2020 Added
• Error report when monetization ads fail to load
• LoginDelegate - A new and better way to trigger a login flow from the SDK to the parent app

SpotIm.createSpotImFlowCoordinator(loginDelegate: LoginDelegate, completion: @escaping ((SpotImResult<SpotImSDKFlowCoordinator>) -> Void))

• Floating 'post' button on create comment screen

SpotIm.createSpotImFlowCoordinator(navigationDelegate: SpotImSDKNavigationDelegate, completion: @escaping ((SpotImResult<SpotImSDKFlowCoordinator>) -> Void))

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