Release Notes

OpenWeb strives to provide developers the resources to confidently integrate our products. The following release notes detail notable updates made to our Android SDK. If you have questions about a recent update, please contact your PSM for more information.

Release Notes

Version Release Date Notes
1.15.4 09-19-2022 Fixed
• Spinner was stuck after device orientation change
1.15.2 08-30-2022 Added
• Support Android 13 (API level 33)
• Added a spinner while loading a conversation / changing sort option
1.15.1 08-10-2022 Added
• An option to receive a callback when the user press on a user profile / avatar instead of opening the existing profile screen
• Showing the year in a date of a comment if it was not posted in the current year

• A crash when editing a comment
• Keeping the same sort mode when re-opening a conversation
• A possible crash when using the get conversation counters API
1.14.0 07-21-2022 Added
• UI to see pending messages which require approval (visible only to the user who wrote those)
• Analytic event after a new comment created successfully (CREATE_MESSAGE_SUCCESSFULLY)

• Removed a configuration for an activity export option which wasn't been used
1.13.2 07-12-2022 Added
• Dates above comments are formatted in the SDK language

• Margin and UI issues between username and dates in RTL languages
1.13.1 06-22-2022 Added
• Support hiding the share button according to remote configuration
1.13.0 06-19-2022 Fixed
• Recovering from 403 error - retry failed requests

• Move sensitive data to EncryptedSharedPreferences

• Logger service
1.12.0 06-06-2022 Added
• Added French support
• Support line break in comment text

• Recovering from 403 auth error and renewing SSO if needed
• Keep the conversation screen with the same sort option after posting a new comment

• Improved `getUserLoginStatus` API, see documentation for the full details
1.11.0 05-24-2022 Fixed
• Fixed SSO authentication flow
• Removing authentication token once expired and not valid anymore

• Few changes in SSO related methods API, see our documentation for the full details
• Added renewSSOAuthentication function inside LoginDelegate
• Renaming function name inside LoginDelegate to startLoginUIFlow
1.10.2 05-19-2022 Fixed
• Hotfix for a bug related to SSO authentication.
This is a temporary solution and a more robust solution will be done soon.
1.10.1 05-18-2022 Added
• Add PostId to SpotImCustomUIDelegate callback
• Add application bundle id to webhook callback

• Issue in which a reply didn't appear under the original comment
• New comment sometimes appear with likes
• A potential race condition which may have caused to issues with authentication

• Removed old services
1.10.0 04-25-2022 Added
• API to set the initial sorting option when a conversation open up

• Decoding special characters back in comment counters API
1.9.8 04-10-2022 Fixed
• Support postId with special characters
1.9.7 04-05-2022 Fixed
• Fixed an issue with comment status which caused some comments to be hidden in the pre conversation
1.9.6 03-31-2022 Added
• Like & Dislike customization
• Support disabling user avatar online indication
• Subscriber badge
1.9.5 03-23-2022 Added
• Open create comment screen directly

• Read only message overlapping last comment in conversation screen
1.9.3 03-15-2022 Added
• Custom read only message

• Report comment open edit screen
• Share screen flickering when changing to landscape
1.9.2 03-07-2022 Fixed
• Fix manifest conflicting provider (when installing multiple apps with the SDK)
1.9.1 01-26-2022 Added
• Edit comment
• Real time viewing counter
• Support post button customization

• Adding image to comment in Android 12
• Realtime data service
1.9.0 01-12-2022 Added
• Create comment with image

• Comment with image is not visible in pre-conversation
• Fix PendingIntent without FLAG_IMMUTABLE or FLAG_MUTABLE Crash on Android 12
1.8.0 01-02-2022 Added
• Support Android 12 SDK
• New guest nickname design

• Deleted comment crash
1.7.2 12-20-2021 Added
• Staff badges

• Comments counter displaying a negative value when comment is deleted

• Upgraded Giphy dependency version to 2.1.12
1.7.1 11-30-2021 Fixed
• Social login didn’t work properly due to unhandled intent in LoginActivity

• App language code according to mobile-sdk config
• Change empty conversation prompt
1.7.0 11-17-2021 Added
• Support Android 11 (API level 30)
• Support GoogleAdsSDK V20 (breaking changes)

• Comment creation screen UI fixes
1.6.5 11-11-2021 Fixed
• Crash after deleting comment in pre-conversation
• Real time view UI issue in pre-conversation

• Show deleted comment feedback on pre-conversation
1.6.4 11-04-2021 Fixed
• Upvote/Downvote remains highlight even if user cancels SSO
• Remove expired user token from authorization header when fetching user/data
1.6.3 10-28-2021 Added
• SSO start login flow on pre-conversation interaction mode

• SSO start login flow on root activity mode - fix for logged in users
• Terms & privacy UI in pre-conversation with no comments
1.6.2 10-21-2021 Added
• Add flag for RN - show login screen on root Activity
1.6.1 09-23-2021 Fixed
• Commenting on empty conversation in read only should be disable
1.6.0 09-14-2021 Added
• Button only in pre-conversation
• Full conversation ad banner
• Read only conversation
• Get comments count
1.5.11 08-19-2021 Fixed
• Analytics events fixes
1.3.10 02-23-2021 • Support showing full conversation directly
• Fix opening Conversation Activity when there is already opened activity in the stack (deeplink to article support)
1.3.9 02-09-2021 Added
• Support showing PreConversation fragment as a RecyclerView item using SPFragmentConstraintLayout helper class
1.3.8 01-18-2021 Added
• Placeholders from AndroidManifest.xml to avoid compilation issues, we will need to re-add those once we have partners that wants social login
• German translations
• Disable ads to subscribed users

• Placeholders from AndroidManifest.xml to avoid compilation issues, we will need to re-add those once we have partners that wants social login
1.3.7 11-15-2020 Fixed
• Gap above pre-conversation when there's no ad banner
• Crash on ResizableTextView
1.3.6 11-02-2020 Added
x-openweb-token header logic to all requests to support UM 2.0

• '1 new comment' indicator does not go back to show realtime typing counter after clicked
• Realtime typing counter counts current user as well
• Keyboard not closing when 'comment creation' screen closes on some cases
• Crash on React-Native because of recycler view items had animateLayoutChanges set to true

• Android target SDK to 29
• Apply themed background to ads for better UX when on dark theme
1.3.5 10-21-2020 Fixed
• Jumpy UI when user comes back from comments screen to pre-conversation do to webview ad load
1.3.4 10-12-2020 Fixed
• Don't show 'show more comments' button if all comments are loaded

• Fetch user data only when needed
• Load web video ad behind banner instead of invisible
1.3.3 09-08-2020 Fixed
• Crash on conversation recycler view animation
1.3.2 08-23-2020 Added
• Webview ads are now loaded in addition to our DFP banner ads

• Hebrew translations
1.3.1 08-10-2020 Fixed
• Crash fix on pre-conversation #413
1.3.0 08-05-2020 Added
• Added post gifs
• Pubmatic for better monetization
• Arabic, Spanish & Portuguese translations

• Test 33 for old google ads, chosen to go with group

• Hebrew fonts missing spotim_core prefix
• Login screen social icons on the left side on Hebrew
• Crash when having more than one pre-conversation fragment

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