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Popular in the Community

Popular in the Community helps to promote and monetize your most popular content:

  • Promoting your content by showcasing user-generated content
  • Featuring a monetization component that generated revenue sharing revenue


Popular in the Community requires the following:

  • Popular in the Community enabled by your OpenWeb PSMPSM - Partner Support Manager
  • Site ID provided by your OpenWeb PSMPSM - Partner Support Manager
  • Minimum of 10 articles with a Conversation embedded
  • Defined og:title each article
  • Defined og:image with a fully-qualified URL for each article


When adding Popular in the Community to an AMP page, you also add a Conversation.



For the best and simplest AMP integration we recommend contacting your OpenWeb PSM, that will help and provide all required information and guidenese.

The information and demo page provided here is for documentation propose.

After completing the integration, make sure to contact your OpenWeb PSM to have the integration fully validated.

  1. From your OpenWeb Admin Dashboard, copy your Spot ID from the URL.{SPOT_ID}/...

  1. Request your unique SITE_ID from your OpenWeb PSM.
  2. Replace your {SITE_ID} and {SPOT_ID} in this demo page.
  3. (Optional) Click on the Enable Spotlight toggle to disable Spotlight.
  4. (Optional) Click LIVE PREVIEW to see a preview of your code.
  5. Following the instructions on the page to add the required code to the <head> and <body> of your AMP page.
  6. After completing the integration, contact your OpenWeb PSM to have the integration fully validated.

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Popular in the Community

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